About the Journal


A5 - Journal of Defense Industry is an online academic publication dedicated to supporting and sharing scientific research in the field of defense industry. Our journal promotes the dissemination of high-quality scientific content in defense industry through an interdisciplinary approach. As a peer-reviewed journal, we feature original research that undergoes rigorous evaluation by our editors and reviewers.

High-Quality Academic Content

A5 - Journal of Defense Industry aims to bring together high-quality academic content in the field of defense industry and share it with our readers. The articles published in our journal cover a wide range of defense industry topics, including strategic management, technology and innovation, defense policies, weapon systems, cybersecurity, military aviation, and naval systems. These articles are authored by distinguished academics, researchers, and defense industry professionals.

Peer Review Process

To ensure compliance with high-quality standards, our journal follows a strict peer review process. Articles are objectively and impartially evaluated by our expert reviewers. This process ensures that the articles meet criteria such as scientific accuracy, methodological consistency, innovation, and contribution. As a result, our readers have access to current and reliable scientific content.

Interactive and Global Platform

A5 - Journal of Defense Industry provides an interactive platform for researchers, academics, and industry professionals in the defense industry to come together. Our platform encourages knowledge sharing and facilitates the convergence of different perspectives. Additionally, we cater to an international readership, facilitating the exchange of information on global defense industry developments.

A5 - Journal of Defense Industry provides a platform for academics, researchers, and industry professionals working in the defense industry. By contributing to our journal, you can share your significant findings and discoveries in the field of defense industry. Moreover, by following our journal, you can stay updated on current research, updates, and published articles.